A downloadable game

There is nothing left on Earth 

Our only hope for a new life lies within a mysterious structure 

A second chance at a new home

Headphones and playing in the dark recommended.

A playthrough takes about 10 minutes.

Updated 18 days ago
Published 23 days ago
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, Mystery, Walking simulator

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there-is-a-planet-b_x86-64.zip 63 MB
there-is-a-planet-b_x86.zip 60 MB
There-is-a-planet-b.app.zip 64 MB


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I had a dream like this a long time ago

Oh my god this was good. Like, short, but sweet, and with some serious feelings of doom. Something about the colours really completed the vibe, along with an amazing choice of background music. Absolute brilliant. Highly recommended!

I went in expecting something that looked good. I found something that had some genuine feeling in it, and managed to tell a fair story with lovely visuals.

I made a video on this too, as if it were needed lol. 

My Earth...

It very intriguing from the beginning, but ends to fast.

Thank you for creating this fabulous game, it would be an HONOR that everyone subscribes to my channel, I am waiting for you on my channel: Placebogames - YouTube

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, there wasn't much to it but I enjoyed playing through it, the environment was very nice and the background music was great but I didn't add it in the video since it was copyrighted.

A small game that packs a big punch with its post-apocalyptic backstory, atmospheric visuals, and evocative message - definitely play through to the end.